Tomaž Gole AutoBrief is a must for any used car dealer

Tomaž Gole: AutoBrief is a must for any used car dealer

By Tomaž Kavčič


Tomaž Gole, the Sales and Marketing Manager in the company Odkup in prodaja vozil, Tomaž Gole s.p., has been selling cars for 20 years. That is why our conversation with him revolved mainly around the challenges of working as a used vehicle dealer and his views on the advantages of the AutoBrief platform.

What motivates you the most?

Action (laughs). I am motivated by working with people and I like selling cars. It gives me satisfaction. It’s not just about the money: I’ve loved cars since I was little. That’s why my choice of used vehicles is very wide. Everything from old convertibles and vehicles for 40 thousand euros to vehicles for five hundred euros. I have the entire range.

What is important for being a good dealer?

You have to be helpful, listen to the customer and their needs and maybe even their requests. And most importantly in these times, you have to be realistic.

What is the biggest challenge and what makes your business the most difficult?

The biggest challenge in these times is buying a good car. The offer is important, on the one hand you have to be competitive and on the other you have to strive to buy quality vehicles.

The business is made more difficult by the reduced purchasing power of buyers, and in the last couple of months it has also become increasingly difficult for banks or leasing companies to approve individual cases for the purchase of a vehicle with leasing. In third place is the competition, as there are a lot of unscrupulous providers of used vehicles, which casts a bad light on other dealers. For example, someone buys a vehicle from one of these providers, and because everything is wrong with the vehicle, in the end we all come off as “scammers”. People start putting us in the same basket.

What do you do so that people don’t have that opinion of you?

I do my best to ensure that every car is serviced and that I inspect it in detail as well. Based on this, the customer is then provided with all the information about the vehicle, which we fully stand behind.

If you could change one thing about selling vehicles, what would you change?

We purchase a large number of vehicles and then sell them according to the wishes of individual customers. If I could change anything, I would definitely not have such a wide stock of vehicles in my fleet, but I would focus much more on purchasing vehicles at the customer’s request.

You have been a user of our AutoBrief platform for some time. How would you describe it?

It is an outstanding platform. I can only praise it. It is a great experience from the point of view of a used vehicle dealer, and is supported by up-to-date data and consideration of the wishes of dealers.

There are many people who replace cars quickly. That is why it often happens to me that someone comes to me after a year to sell a car that they bought from me. With the help of AutoBrief, I immediately get the information about the car in the archive, and in a minute I have a printed out sales contract with all the information, without typing.

So what problems does AutoBrief solve for you?

As I mentioned before, it perfectly solves the problem of time-consuming re-entry of the data of the already sold car and also all other data about the stock. With the help of AutoBrief, each user also has an excellent overview of everything related to the sale and purchase of vehicles.

If you were to recommend the platform, what rating would you give?

The platform is great! Therefore, a straight ten.

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