Easy and transparent vehicle financing

Valid for 30-days, all features included,
no credit card required!

Provide your customers with different financing methods

Through our integrated partners, access all vehicle financing options and their status in one place and provide your customers with a seamless and efficient financing experience.

Financial leasing

By integrating the financing module we deliver a fast and easy way for you to fill out the client financing application forms. Digitally apply for stock financing, have access to digital leasing applications for vehicles you have sold and transparent overview of their current application state.


Our partner’s Buy Now Pay Later loans don't require a visit to the bank or paper documentation and can be arranged instantly. Your customer only needs a smartphone and they get a confirmation within few minutes. 

Combined financing

If the customer wants to combine the first two options, no problem, it can be done in AutoBrief as well, giving you the flexibility to meet all their needs.

Valid for 30-days, all features included,
no credit card required!

Utilize the benefits and advantages of our 100% digital approach

Digitally apply for your stock financing, instantly access digital financing applications and enjoy a transparent overview of their current status.

Easy and user-friendly financing flow within a single platform without switching to a different working environment.

Easy and user-friendly financing flow

Fast and streamlined data entry through pre-existing vehicle and customer information enable financing contract preparation within five minutes and outside or regular business hours.

A full overview of the financing status of each individual application for a fully digitized and paperless operation.

Transparent and streamlined process

Our vehicle financing application and issuance process is transparent and streamlined. We partner with top industry leaders and integrate their financial services into our platform to provide you with a centralized hub for applying and viewing all financing applications and their status.

Receive the best possible service

A selection of a wide range of financing options can be tailored to meet the specific needs and customer requirements. Estimates are provided with the utmost precision and effectiveness, ensuring that you receive the best possible service.

Stay updated on each step during the whole process

All applications and signatures are digitized and ensure seamless and secure processing of financing requests directly in the platform, providing you with a convenient and hassle-free experience. A comprehensive overview of the application process enables you to stay updated on every step, providing you with exact information where the customer throughout their financing journey.

Why do businesses love AutoBrief?

AutoBrief has become a one-stop-shop for modern vehicle sales management, enabling our users to be more organized and grow their business. 

Anže Mastnak, AC IMPORTADO d.o.o.


AutoBrief platforma je odlično orodje za realizacijo vsakega poslovnega modela, ki je osnova dobrega trgovca z vozili. V našem podjetju nam je ravno ta platforma omogočila združitev vseh dejavnikov na enem mestu, ki zaradi tega bolj učinkovito pripomorejo k uspešnemu poslovanju.

Anže Mastnak AC IMPORTADO d.o.o.

Josip Dujmić, Starline


“Omogućuje i meni i mom kolegi tj.vlasniku tvrtke bolji uvid u sve, imamo sve na jednom mjestu i sa samo nekoliko klikova možemo u svakom trenutku doći do podataka koji su nam potrebni.”

Josip Dujmić, Starline

Dejan Popović, Dall avtocenter


“Platforma AutoBrief značajno je ubrzala poslovanje. Omogućuje mi da maksimalno iskoristim svoje vrijeme za prodaju vozila i posvetim se klijentima.”

Dejan Popović, Dall avtocenter

Our partners and their view

Partner Integrations means combining two or more systems to make it easier for car dealers to use different technologies at the same time. We empower you to access everything you need for all daily operations in one single platform.


Modern, reliable and easy vehicle financing and insurance option

By integrating the financing module, in cooperation with NLB Lease&Go, we deliver a fast and easy way for you to fill out the client financing application forms.


Buy Now Pay Later financing option

Leanpay is a Buy Now Pay Later pioneer, offering a modern, fully-digital financing solution for consumers. Utilizing Leanpay through AutoBrief means pre-filled vehicle and customer data for at least 50% less work. Real-time credit status updates and automatic confirmation eliminate the need for separate searches and ensure timely financing processing.

Motive service Europe


Modern, reliable and easy vehicle financing and insurance option

By integrating MotiveService into AutoBrief platform, it becomes possible to automatically prefill the essential customer and vehicle information and provide a range of warranty products tailored to the vehicle's specifications.


Direct publishing and managing ads to

The partnership between AutoBrief and AMZS offers several advantages and benefits for car dealers. One of them is that with just a few clicks, dealers can prepare, publish and edit their entire inventory on the marketplace.

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