Raziskava med slovenski kupci 3. del: Kdo so in kaj želijo tisti, ki bodo kupovali avtomobile v naslednjega pol leta?

Research among Slovenian buyers, part 3: Who are the people who will buy cars in the next six months and what do they want?

By Tomaž Kavčič


We are starting the year 2023 with the new results of the research, which we prepared for you in cooperation with the Valicon research house and which, based on a suitable sample, offers important data and insight into the thinking of Slovenian buyers.

In the first part of the research review, we have already written down the types of car and types of fuel that buyers think about the most, as well as whether they want to buy a new or used car. In the second part, we showed which types of financing are of most interest to potential buyers and also showed you one of the greatest added values of our research - data for various Slovenian regions.

In the third part, we mainly highlight who those who indicated in the survey that they want to buy a car in the next six months are and what they want. We called them as many as 6M customers. So the customers you should be most interested in.

Buyers who want to buy a car in the next six months are dominated by those who already use a car, live in households where there are several family members and where the vast majority have one or more cars. Their car is almost 60% younger than the year 2011, and as much as 87% younger than the year 2006. Two-thirds of them are buyers who now have a gasoline-powered car at home, and as many as 24% are minivan drivers.

What do 6M customers want? Fast loans and increasingly online experience

They want to buy a used car, as more than 77% think so, only a little more than 18% would buy a new car. Like the majority of the population, more than 55% of them want a gasoline drive, followed by diesel with slightly more than 39%, and hybrid and electric drives remain below 20%.

By far, most of them are thinking about buying a Škoda (almost 32%) and an Audi (29%). Interestingly, Peugeot and Opel also follow, but their share is lower than 18%. At the top of the vehicle types, all four categories that we already know from the entire population (SUV, minivan, station wagon and sedan) are in almost the same proportion, but what is interesting is a slightly higher percentage in the coupe segment, which we did not detect in the entire population.

40% of 6M buyers would finance their car purchase with leasing, and 30% with cash. With slightly more than 14%, bank credit and a combination of fast credit and cash follow, which we have already pointed out to the entire population. When it comes to the question of which financing they are still considering, quick credit already climbs to third place with more than 30%. As it turns out, traders will still have to deal with this trend.

All those dealers who are also focused on digitally offering their stock will also be interested in the following finding that only 3.9% of 6M buyers are not interested in buying a car online. More than 59% see online sales as interesting or very interesting. All the more reason to take a look at the DigiBrief advertising and digital marketing offer, which we are happy to promote due to its exceptional results.

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