AutoBrief: Benjamin Čater

Benjamin Čater, Autocenter Panda: Until you really try, you don’t know that AutoBrief is that good.

By Tomaž Kavčič


In this interview, we talked with Benjamin Čater from the Panda Auto Centre, who has been working in the field of vehicle sales for 12 years.

Surely, he is also an interlocutor who can say a lot about the AutoBrief platform, since it was the Panda Auto Centre who became one of the first users of our platform, without which they cannot do today.

What is important for a good salesperson?

You should try to buy as beautiful, well-preserved, and well-serviced cars as possible that have a known history. But when selling, the most important thing is the buyer.  You have to make an effort for them and offer them all possible options.

What is the biggest challenge?

Satisfy the client’s wishes as much as possible. 60% of customers know exactly what they want, and 40%  don’t.

You can switch to a better option for the same amount of money. Earlier, the biggest problem was the purchase, but now it is easier to get good vehicles. I certainly do not see competition as one of the problems, because I believe that in the end, the customer always decides on the one they trusts the most or the one with the best offer.

Where do you expect the car market to go in the coming months?

I am sure that he will drive more again, which means that prices will start to fall as a result.

What problems does AutoBrief solve for you?

AutoBrief is a fantastic tool because it keeps everything on your phone and allows you to access the information you require at any time. We use the whole application, and we gain a lot of time with it. With AutoBrief, our business is actually faster, I could say at least once faster. We have also started using the test drive documents, and the connection to the accounting service is also good. Your program is also very important if the customer returns within two years. If you also keep all customer data in AutoBrief, you will have practically all documents ready in a few minutes.

Have you been an AutoBrief user for a long time?

I immediately became a user. I was one of the first users of the platform.

Why do you think the rest of us have been making this decision to become users for so long?

Until you try it for real, you don’t know it’s that good. But I guess the problem is that some people are so stubborn that they don’t even want to try.

Do you think AutoBrief should be added?

Throw as many things as you can into AutoBrief that can be useful to us retailers. It’s really good that a trader has everything in one place, because it saves a lot of time, and you have everything in the same place.

If you were to recommend a platform, what rating would you give it?

I would give it 10 because it is really transparent and takes a lot of time. We really don’t want to go back to our old programs.

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