AutoBrief: Research among Slovenian buyers Part 2

Research among Slovenian buyers Part 2: How do future buyers want to finance their new car and what are the results for your region?

By Tomaž Kavčič


From the very beginning, we wantedto offer you the most relevant statistics and data within the AutoBrief blog that would help you make key decisions and perform better.

Therefore, in cooperation with Valicon, we decided to do a survey that offers important data and insight into the thinking of Slovenian customers on a suitable sample. In the first part of the survey, we have already written down the types of cars and fuel types that customers think about most, as well as whether they want to buy a new or used car. We also looked at how many potential buyers will decide to buy a car in the next six months.

In the second part, we will show you which financing potential customers are most interested in and show you one of the greatest added values of our research. That is, we also have data on what customers want across different Slovenian regions.

Pay attention to leasing leads with quick credit.

Let’s start with financing. How do your future customers want to buy their new car? Will they opt for cash, leasing or a quick loan, perhaps a combination?

At the beginning of our survey, i.e. in the last quarter of 2021, the situation was interestingly tilted in the direction of cash payment. Only a little bit of cash was spent on leasing at 27%, and in third place was the loan at the bank.

The situation at the end of October 2022 is quite different. Most of your potential customers want to finance their new car purchases through leasing. It has a 41% share, cash is in second place with 23%, and in third place with the same percentage of credit at the bank and a combination of cash and quick credit.

Young people are also increasingly interested in credit or a combination of finance.

It gets even more interesting when we look at it from the perspective of different generations. The question was which methods of financing prospective buyers are thinking about, and foreach of them there were several possible answers (therefore, even in one column, there is no 100% total, but several). We can immediately see that leasing is far ahead of all other forms of financing, but cash and credit at the bank are also high.

Interestingly, fast credit is also rising very quickly, with high percentages seen in all four generations, including Generation Z. You can read why this generation is very important for car dealers here.

So you already have a financing provider that can also allow you to have fast loan financing for your customers? The data shows that this is almost a necessity.

Now we come to data that is very important for every trader. These are data related to the region itself and to the preferences of customers in these regions. As you will see, they are also quite different in some ways.

In the first part of the research (which you get here), according to the data, we wrote that most buyers who are thinking of buying a new car want to buy a used car. At the national level, 66% are such buyers. This share includes 33% of those who want a used car with a warranty and 33% of those who would buy it without one.

But the results are a little different here. In the Primorska and Pomurska-Podravska regions, more than 70% want to buy a used vehicle, while in the Posavska region, the percentage is by far the lowest, at less than 50%, and it is also low in Gorenjska, where it is just over 50%.

All dealers are interested in how many people are willing to buy a vehicle in the foreseeable future. Better yet, let’s just say the next six months. At the state level, 19% of people who participated in the survey want to buy a car in the next six months, and within a year, about 35% of all respondents want to buy a car.

Let’s look at each region. With the highest percentage of buyers who want to buy a car in the next half of the year, they can boast in the Posavje region, where this desire is present at more than 27%, followed by Pomurje-Podravina with an above-average result.

The latter region also has the highest percentage of potential buyers for those who will buy in the next year, and is above average in this segment, there is also a desire for buyers in Carinthia.

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