Enes Korać, Autolik: I have used several programs, but the AutoBrief platform is certainly the best.

Enes Korać, Autolik: I have used several programs, but the AutoBrief platform is certainly the best.

By Tomaž Kavčič


This time we talked to Enes Korać from the company Avtolik – Import and Sale of Vehicles, who gave his view on the work of a used vehicle seller and how you have to be different from the competition. He pointed out that he uses AutoBrief mainly because it allows him to operate the company anytime and anywhere.

What motivates you most about selling vehicles?

It evolved from a hobby, so it’s a hobby that’s evolved into a business. Therefore, my greatest motivation to work is my love for cars.

What skills do you need to be a good car salesman?

Knowledge of vehicles and everything that comes with it, knowledge of the work that you do, as well as new technologies that come on the market.

I look at car portals several times, and the most interesting things about my work and vehicle presentation are mainly on the social network YouTube.

What is the biggest challenge in the sale of vehicles?

During this time you buy a good car that is different from the competition. This is particularly important given how big the competition in Slovenia is and how big the supply is. With good cars in your stock, you are also building and taking care of the good reputation of your company.

One of the challenges is also good advertising, without which today would not be possible.

What makes the salesman’s job the hardest?

Yeah, we’re back to our reputations, but this time I’m talking about the general reputation of vehicle dealers.  Many on the market are putting us all in a bad spot with our customers. I am talking, of course, about the used car market, where the bad customer experience is spreading very quickly  affecting the entire market, even those that do business differently.

How do you deal with it?

We buy good cars with a proven history, which is very important to customers. If there’s something wrong with the car, you have to tell the customer as honestly as possible. Honesty is much more appreciated by the customer than that the car looks great and problems arise about a month after the purchase. Honesty pays off in the long run for the trader.

What helps to save AutoBrief?

It’s simple and in step with the times because everything is in one place. From supplies, expenses, photos, and you’ve got everything you need in one place. The platform has significantly facilitated the operations and operations of the company, mainly because the entire business is easily accessible “online”.

Why did you choose AutoBrief?

Because of the presentation, because it was really simple with everything in one place, and because we saw that it was not a “cat in a sack”.

Did you decide to use it right away?

No,  we did not. It took us a while. The worst thing is taking that first step. The habit is an iron shirt, and it is difficult to go from established processes to something new. But now I recommend your platform to everyone because it’s a top-notch thing.

If I were evaluating, AutoBrief would have doubtless rated it ten. I have used quite a few programs, but there is no comparison with the others, your platform is certainly the best.

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