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The most sophisticated car sales and business management application.

Speed up vehicle sales, optimize and ease your business process, and gain access to new procurement sources. All processes listed above, under a single roof - AutoBrief


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Why to the biggest and most successful car dealers choose AutoBrief?

All in one

Stock and client management, invoice and document issuance, vehicle warranty and financing applications, vehicle purchasing and sales – all in one app.

Made for you

AutoBrief is created and developed based on feedback from car dealers, such as yourself. All opinions and feedback are taken seriously and we try to deliver the perfect platform, tailored to you.

Management optimization

Why be content we the average, when you can raise your business above the competition. Get ready for the digital age and optimize your work process.

Single point of data entry

Save precious time, entering the data. In AutoBrief, you enter vehicle, client and/or expenses data only once. Selected data can then be prefilled in documents, invoices, applications and ads.

Accessible anytime and anywhere, independent of your device

You can be at the dealership or simply lying on a beach. All functionalities of AutoBrief can be used anytime, anywhere. Yes, you can now issue invoices, even when traveling!

How can AutoBrief help you?

Optimize your business

  • centralized management system
  • lower time and operational investment
  • comprehensive and detailed business overview
  • transparent expense overview
  • optimized process of vehicle purchasing and sales
  • innovative approach to financing stock
  • digital vehicle warranty and financing application
  • trusted business partner, in good or bad

Clear insight into vehicle market

Long term experiences and market presence have brought us to an important realization – the automotive market needs a centralized management system. The fact remains that we live in the era of industries adjusting to the needs of consumers, when practices are tailored to new technology and the market changes on a daily basis, faster than ever before.

Sadly, this means more adjustments and work for you, the car dealer. But this adjustment period should not be a burden. On the contrary, it should make your entire business considerably easier.

This is exactly what the AutoBrief application will do for your business.

Main functionalities and AutoBrief modules


Vehicle stock management

All vehicle data, documents and files in one place. Publish the ad, record expenses and calculate profits, all in the vehicle module.


Keep a record of your contacts in the contacts module. Have your suppliers, clients and business partners always at your fingertips.


Warranties, handover records, contract of sales… with a single data entry and a few clicks, you will be able to issue many documents at once


Why pay for an accounting software, when you have one available in AutoBrief. Administration module allows you to issue various invoice types and mass-exports.


Digitally apply for stock financing, have access to digital leasing applications for vehicles you have sold and transparent overview of their current application state.

Digital warranty issuance

All in one place, no paper booklets and without redundant data entry. With AutoBrief, you can issue the vehicle warranty in one minute time.

Business overview

Don’t wait for end of year to gain insight into your business result. With the Business overview module, you will be able to see your business results, on demand.

How to start?



Create your AutoBrief account by clicking the button below.


30-day free trial

Your new AutoBrief application account can be used for the first 30 days, completely free of charge.


In-app guides

To ease your transition toward a new way of doing business, we use in-app guides to help you along the way.


Video guides for simpler use

If you wish to have a more detailed guide through a specific module, you can find links to video guides on your AutoBrief dashboard.

What our users say about AutoBrief?

“Biggest advantage of using AutoBrief is the fact it is digital, and allows us to easily search, enter vehicle data and edit documents. I also appreciate that I can use it from all devices and no matter where I am – at home or abroad, from desktop or mobile device.“

Sergej Horvat

Our partners and their view

Modern, reliable and easy vehicle financing and insurance option

By integrating the financing module, in cooperation with NLB Lease&Go, we deliver a fast and easy way for you to fill out the client financing application forms. Alongside, we also offer insurance packages for the duration of the financing period.

Quickly and easily secure a warranty for your vehicles. Digitally and automatically.

Writing things out and performing calculations, when you need them, has no place in today’s digital age. AutoBrief application, powered by Motive Service, offers a way to automatically prefill the paperwork, can offer warranty products based on vehicle characteristics and automatically calculates the price of the packages and add-ons we offer.

Publishing and managing ads, all through AutoBrief

Partnership between Briefd and AMZS allows many advantages and benefits for car dealers. The first and most important is the cooperation with marketplace. In just a few clicks, publish your entire stock on the new marketplace.

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