With automation, it is easier and faster to sell used vehicles

By Tomaž Kavčič


Used vehicle dealers face many obstacles when selling, which affect sales and the final result. Vehicle and customer information that is critical to delivering your service is often fragmented and dispersed. At worst, information critical to your business is delivered in a physical, non-digital form, but at best, it’s digitally littered throughout the various tools a business uses to carry out its core business.

Transferring information between different tools requires a lot of manual work and wastes valuable time, while copying individual information from one tool to another is subject to errors that can cost you a lot. It is also often noticed that information is updated more regularly in one tool, and employees are often not even aware of which tools contain duplicate and non-updated data. This problem only increases with the complexity of the business, the number of employees, and the tools your company uses.

AutoBrief is an online platform for sellers of used vehicles, which we develop specifically for the industry. At this moment, we are inviting selected retailers to both the Slovenian and Croatian markets to join us and co-design it, thereby securing special benefits.

They can use the platform anywhere and at any time, as it works in both a computer browser and a mobile device. Vehicle inventory and customer information can be updated simultaneously by multiple users of the same company, and data updates are presented in a user-friendly and transparent manner.

Do you want to add a vehicle to your inventory or mark a vehicle in your inventory as sold? With a few clicks, you can do this within the AutoBrief platform. Does the director of your company want an easy overview of the costs and earnings of an individual vehicle? We enable users to monitor the difference between the purchase and sale value of the vehicle, as well as issue various forms of documents for each vehicle (invoice, proforma invoice, delivery note, etc.).

Have you always wanted to increase sales, but can’t find the time? In the AutoBrief platform, you’ll soon be able to purchase warranties for the vehicles you sell and post vehicle ads to various online Classifieds sites with just a few clicks – no copying, pasting, or endless uploading of vehicle photos. You will also be able to automate reminders that will allow you to call the customer again after the warranty expires and earn a sales commission by selling the extended warranty.

Would you like the data to magically transfer itself into documents that you edit manually on a regular basis for each customer? On the AutoBrief platform, we have taken care of simplifying your business and can pre-fill your standard documents – contracts, test drive sheets… – in accordance with the overall graphic image of your company.

Behind the development of the AutoBrief platform stands a team with several decades of experience in the field of car sales and high-end technological products. The data you enter into the application is therefore safe and, more importantly, the sole property of your company.

Using the AutoBrief platform, your company can save valuable hours in the day and focus on its core business: selling used vehicles. Would you like to test the AutoBrief platform yourself and adapt it together with the developers to the work processes and needs of your company? Contact us and join the group of test users who will be able to use the platform completely free of charge during the trial period.

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