How to take photos of your car for resale?

May, 2023

As a dealership, you’ve no doubt seen your fair share of car images. But did you know photos serve as one of the most important aspects when listing a car for sale? Potential buyers will base their decision, at least in part, on the photos that are used in the listing. Good quality photos can go a long way towards making a car look more appealing and can help to attract serious buyers, resulting in more visits, leads and better sales.

In front of you are 20 easy tios to make great photos

Table of content

1 - Preparation and planning
2 - Find a Good Location - Background is important
3 - Time of the Day and Lighting
4 - Turn your wheels
5 - Move The Car and Not Yourself
6 - Photography Techniques To Get The Best Shots
7 - Hero Shot – Front 3/4 Angle
8 - Straight Shot of Each Side
9 - Straight Front Shot
10 - Straight Rear Shot
11 - Front 3/4 Angle
12 - Interior Front
13 - Interior Rear (If Applicable)
14 - Gauge Cluster (With Engine Running Showing Odometer and Lack of Warning Lights)
15 - Engine Bay
16 - Trunk
17 - Extra Close-Ups (Wheels, Exhaust, Headlight, Driver's Seat Condition, Any Damage, etc.)
18 - Some Bad Examples of What You Shouldn't Do When Taking Photos
19 - Tips For Editing Your Photos
20 - Photos you post on car marketplaces are not always the best for social media

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