Organized system for managing inventory and sales

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Autobrief: One platform to organize and grow your business effectively.

Streamline your operations and elevate your business.

Your one-stop-garage for modern vehicle sales management.


Gain access to reliable and trustworthy suppliers and premium sourcing channels with exclusive options that can't be found anywhere else.

Procurement process is simple and involves minimal steps to make it as smooth and efficient as possible. Entering vehicle data is a seamless process, and tracking costs has never been easier. With our system, finding exactly what you're looking for takes minimal effort, saving you valuable time and energy.


Inventory management

Gain an unparalleled level of transparency with our comprehensive vehicle inventory overview, filtering and summary. All the data, documents, and files related to your fleet are consolidated in a single, user-friendly interface. 

Track and analyze your expenses, calculate your return on investment, and make data-driven decisions with ease. Obtain detailed insights into your vehicle's history, from its origin to the end customer.

Why do businesses love AutoBrief?

AutoBrief has become a one-stop-shop for modern vehicle sales management, enabling our users to be more organized and grow their business. 

Bojan Dimitrovski, BS avto


“The biggest advantage is that I can create an invoice anywhere. If I’m at the seaside or at home or anywhere else, and I need to send an invoice to someone, I can do it easily.”

Bojan Dimitrovski, BS avto

Our partners and their view

Partner Integrations means combining two or more systems to make it easier for car dealers to use different technologies at the same time. We empower you to access everything you need for all daily operations in one single platform.


Modern, reliable and easy vehicle financing and insurance option

By integrating the financing module, in cooperation with NLB Lease&Go, we deliver a fast and easy way for you to fill out the client financing application forms.


Buy Now Pay Later financing option

Leanpay is a Buy Now Pay Later pioneer, offering a modern, fully-digital financing solution for consumers. Utilizing Leanpay through AutoBrief means pre-filled vehicle and customer data for at least 50% less work. Real-time credit status updates and automatic confirmation eliminate the need for separate searches and ensure timely financing processing.

Motive service Europe


Modern, reliable and easy vehicle financing and insurance option

By integrating MotiveService into AutoBrief platform, it becomes possible to automatically prefill the essential customer and vehicle information and provide a range of warranty products tailored to the vehicle's specifications.


Direct publishing and managing ads to

The partnership between AutoBrief and AMZS offers several advantages and benefits for car dealers. One of them is that with just a few clicks, dealers can prepare, publish and edit their entire inventory on the marketplace.

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