One platform to organize and grow  your car business effectively.

All your tools for trading vehicles in one place:
Complete overview of your business and customers
Optimize your vehicle management process 
Gain access to a new procurement sources

Autobrief: One platform to organize and grow your business effectively.

What is AutoBrief?

Elevate your car business above the competition in the automotive industry with a modern platform optimized for the digital age. Streamline your work processes and take your business to new heights.

Grow your business using all-in-one automated platform.

Designed to help you manage your vehicle inventory and streamline your procurement and sales process with various easy-to-use features, including invoice and document issuance, vehicle warranties and financing applications, customer relationship management (CRM), direct marketplaces & social media advertising capabilities – all in one app.

Autobrief: Grow your business using all-in-one automated platform.

Enjoy a 24/7 access to your business from any device, wherever you are.

The platform is cloud-based, meaning it can be accessed from anywhere and anytime, and it is designed to be user-friendly, making it easy for dealers to use.

You can be at the dealership, traveling or simply lying on a beach.

Save precious time with a single point of data entry.

Simplify your workflow by entering your clients, partners, and expenses data only once. With just a few clicks, you can use this information to auto-fill documents, invoices, financing applications, and ads, saving you valuable time.

Our advanced VIN decoder automates vehicle data entry and minimizes errors.

Main functionalities and AutoBrief modules

All vehicle technical data, purchase documents, files and images organized and safely stored in one place.

Digital inspection of the vehicle using your mobile device, record and track expenses, ROI and cost calculations.

Autobrief: Vehicle inventory management

Effortlessly manage your customer information with our centralized database for clients, suppliers, and business partners.

Benefit from a range of features, including event logging, task management, customizable notifications, and GDPR compliance forms, all designed to enhance your customer-related processes and improve the customer experience.

Create and publish ads on various marketplaces and social media platforms.

Streamlined process reduces the time and effort required for successful digital marketing and leads to greater engagement and conversions for your business.

Autobrief: Digital marketing

Simplify your document creation process with our up-to-date templates that comply with current legal and regulatory standards.

Issue multiple documents at once and effortlessly link them to clients and vehicles with a single data entry. Gain a transparent overview of all issued documents for easy access and enhanced transparency.

Our billing and invoicing module streamlines your financial operations.

With just one data entry, you can automate the entire billing cycle, from generating invoices to tracking payments. Our platform also allows for mass exportation of various invoice types, making it effortless for your accountant to manage and track all issued invoices. 

Autobrief: Billing management system

A transparent and streamlined vehicle financing process by partnering with top industry leaders and integrating their financial services into our platform.

This centralized hub allows you to apply and view all financing applications and their status in one place.

Autobrief: Financing hub

No more using paper booklets without redundant data entry across different environment.

With AutoBrief, you can issue the vehicle warranty in less then one minute.

Autobrief: Digital Guarantee agreements

Get real-time performance insights for your business and make informed decisions to drive your business forward with detailed tax and ROI overviews.

You can easily monitor sales revenue and expenses, access related documents and invoices, and mass export data for your accountant from one central place. 

Autobrief: Business insights

By gathering customer satisfaction data, you can better understand customer experience and improve your business operations.

This can lead to increased customer loyalty, improved sales, and a positive reputation for your brand. 

Autobrief: Customer satisfaction data

With AutoBrief, you can easily enter a vehicle's technical data by simply inputting its VIN number.

This automatic process saves time and eliminates the need for manual data entry.

Autobrief: Vin decoder

Valid for 30-days, all features included,
no credit card required!

Work from anywhere
in the world

The cloud-based application enables you to work and have access to all your data from anywhere in the world. Only internet access is necessary.

Enjoy a 24/7 access to your business from any device, wherever you are.

Why do businesses love AutoBrief?

AutoBrief has become a one-stop-shop for modern vehicle sales management, enabling our users to be more organized and grow their business. 

Benjamin Čater, Autocenter Panda


“AutoBrief nudi preglednost i čini put od zalihe do fakture vrlo jednostavnim.”

Benjamin Čater, Autocenter Panda

Benjamin Čater, Avtocenter Panda DE


“AutoBrief sorgt für Transparenz und erleichtert den Prozess von der Bestandsaufnahme bis zur Rechnung erheblich.”

Benjamin Čater, Avtocenter Panda

Benjamin Čater, Avtocenter Panda SLO


“AutoBrief daje preglednost in zelo olajša pot od zaloge do samega računa.”

Benjamin Čater, Avtocenter Panda

Our partners and their view

Partner Integrations means combining two or more systems to make it easier for car dealers to use different technologies at the same time. We empower you to access everything you need for all daily operations in one single platform.


Modern, reliable and easy vehicle financing and insurance option

By integrating the financing module, in cooperation with NLB Lease&Go, we deliver a fast and easy way for you to fill out the client financing application forms.


Buy Now Pay Later financing option

Leanpay is a Buy Now Pay Later pioneer, offering a modern, fully-digital financing solution for consumers. Utilizing Leanpay through AutoBrief means pre-filled vehicle and customer data for at least 50% less work. Real-time credit status updates and automatic confirmation eliminate the need for separate searches and ensure timely financing processing.

Motive service Europe


Modern, reliable and easy vehicle financing and insurance option

By integrating MotiveService into AutoBrief platform, it becomes possible to automatically prefill the essential customer and vehicle information and provide a range of warranty products tailored to the vehicle's specifications.


Direct publishing and managing ads to

The partnership between AutoBrief and AMZS offers several advantages and benefits for car dealers. One of them is that with just a few clicks, dealers can prepare, publish and edit their entire inventory on the marketplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to users’ most common questions.

AutoBrief is a software for the automotive industry, a sort of a dealer management system (DMS). It is a specialized platform designed to help automotive dealerships manage various aspects of their operations, including inventory management, sales, finance, reporting and analytics, and marketing and advertising.

AutoBrief is entirely web-based, which implies that it can be accessed from anywhere without any software installation required on your computer. You can conveniently use AutoBrief on your iPhone or Android device through our cloud-based platform, making it the top choice for vehicle trading software among our numerous users. While we do not offer mobile applications, our website is extremely user-friendly, allowing you to sell, manage, and promote your fleet without the need for any additional tools.

Our topmost priority is to safeguard your personal and business information. We ensure secure transactions by employing the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol, which encrypts any electronic information you provide us. This encryption process protects your information by transforming it into a coded format before it is transmitted from your computer to us. Furthermore, your data is automatically backed up on remote servers and can be accessed from any device, thanks to our cloud-based approach. This enables you to stay connected using our platform and stay up-to-date on about your business.

AutoBrief is available to you completely free for 30 days, with no contracts or credit card information required. During this period, you'll have unlimited access to the platform, and you can also take advantage of our free instant messaging, phone, and email support services to help you set up your account. We're always available to answer any questions you may have, so don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Free trial allows users to use AutoBrief free for 30 days. After your trial is up, you can choose from one of several paid packages. If you’re not ready to subscribe, no problem. Your invoices, expenses, and other vehicle data will be securely stored in case you decide to upgrade your free account later on. The free invoicing plan allows you to manage up to 3vehicles each month.

AutoBrief is the ideal solution for your business vehicle management needs, providing a more user-friendly experience than other vehicle management systems. You won’t have a hard time navigating the software, unlike complex accounting programs. AutoBrief is 100% developed to serve the needs of car dealerships and is the best option for you. Our features for procurement process, inventory management, CRM, billing managment, documents creation solution, business insights cover the basics. Our partner integrations like financial institutions, guarantee agreements and digital marketing possibilities ofer the next level experience that enables you to manage your business from a single platform that is accessible anytime and from anywhere. This will digitalize your business and save you time and money. 

Do you have any issues with old software solution, too simple small and not up to date software to manage your fleet, no remote access to your data, low level of security and data protection, not having the option to export data, track business reports, tracking expenses, etc.? Does it take a lot of time for you to do repetitive tasks daily or prepare documentation fo your accountant? Say no more with AutoBrief all-in-one automated platform fo car dealerships that answers all software problems for all business owners! 

Since 2020, over 120 car dealers are using AutoBrief daily to manage, advertise, sell, and take care of their car dealership business. Today AutoBrief is present in 2 countries and our software is designed specifically for car dealerships. We help everyone, from the first-time owners to the most vibrant car dealerships makes it the best for car dealership businesses. We are here for car dealership that need a software solution that will digitalite their business. 

If you’re a car dealer and need help setting up your account, or have any questions about using AutoBrief trial accounts or upgraded accounts, one of our friendly team members is ready to spring into action and help you set things up. Running a business with our software is a good choice that you won’t regret, because it is so easy to use. Having a transparent overview about your fleet is extremely important, and we can help all sized businesses. We can help you digitalize your car dealership, reduce administration and repetitive tasks all other business needs. AutoBrief support is also free forever — so don’t be shy, call our customer support at +386 (0)1 828 01 81 between 8:00 and 16:00 to connect with our live chat customer service to help your car dealership businesses.

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